Camping on Skt. Olav’s wake

Looking for an experience of a lifetime? Then you should consider visiting Tórshavn on the lively National Holidays on 28th and 29th July. The Faroese people celebrate “ólavsøka” in their very own special way. Grab the opportunity to see people in national costumes of different colours, go watch the national sport rowing race in boats and feel free to attend one or many of the countless events which take place during these two days. At midnight on the 29th July common singing and traditional chain dance takes place at the city square, Vaglið. Many campers visit Tórshavn Camping during ólavsøka as well and the campsite is full of life with happy faces and colorful light bulbs! The campsite is only 1.5 km from the city and therefore easy to reach by foot. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect mixture between pulsating city life and outdoor life close to nature?